Seasonality of suicides: environmental, sociological and biological covariations.

  title={Seasonality of suicides: environmental, sociological and biological covariations.},
  author={E. Sou{\^e}tre and Eduardo Salvati and J. L. Belugou and Pascal Douillet and T Braccini and Guy Darcourt},
  journal={Journal of affective disorders},
  volume={13 3},
The monthly rates of completed suicides in France from 1978 until 1982 were analyzed. The seasonal variations of environmental (daylight and sunlight durations, mean temperature, geomagnetism), sociological (unemployment, deaths of all causes, birth and conception rates), and biological (melatonin, cortisol and serotonin circannual rhythms) factors were compared to the seasonal patterns of suicides. A clear seasonal variation (with peaks in May and September) in suicidal behavior was detected… CONTINUE READING

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