Seasonality of birth and implications for temporal studies of preterm birth.

  title={Seasonality of birth and implications for temporal studies of preterm birth.},
  author={Lyndsey A Darrow and Matthew J Strickland and Mitchel Klein and Lance A. Waller and W. Dana Flanders and Adolfo Correa and Michele Marcus and Paige E. Tolbert},
  volume={20 5},
BACKGROUND A strength of time-series analyses is the inherent control of individual-level risk factors that do not vary temporally. However, in studies of adverse pregnancy outcomes, risk factors considered time-invariant at the individual level may vary seasonally when aggregated into a pregnancy risk set. To illustrate, we describe the seasonal patterns of birth in Atlanta and demonstrate how these patterns could lead to confounding in time-series studies of seasonally-varying exposures and… CONTINUE READING

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