Seasonality and Environmental Impact Status of Polyethylene (Cellophane) Generation and Disposal in Benin City, Nigeria

  title={Seasonality and Environmental Impact Status of Polyethylene (Cellophane) Generation and Disposal in Benin City, Nigeria},
  author={Famous Ibhasote Aziegbe},
  journal={Journal of Human Ecology},
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Abstract This paper investigates the environmental impact and seasonal variation of polyethylene (cellophane) generation and disposal in Benin City, Nigeria. Cellophane was generated from seven randomly selected markets. Two hundred and fifty respondents in the markets were given questionnaire and two wastebaskets each to determine the rate and types of cellophane generated in the markets and their homes. The results show that polyethylene is generated more during the dry season months… 
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4.0. Biodegradation of cassava starch modified low density polyethylene by Bacillus cereus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from waste Abstract Low density polyethylene (LDPE) is used for packaging and other industrial application is a significant source of environmental pollution. The


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