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Seasonal variations of mortality in Hong Kong

  title={Seasonal variations of mortality in Hong Kong},
  author={Yuk Yee Yan},
This study investigated seasonality of mortality in Hong Kong from 1980 to 2005 using cosinor analysis. Mortality data from all causes of death, neoplasm, circulatory and respiratory diseases were obtained from the Census and Statistics Department. Statistically significant seasonalities were ascertained for total and gender-specific deaths from all causes, circulatory and respiratory diseases, but not neoplasm. The amplitudes of seasonal fluctuations were low. Also, amplitudes of seasonality… 

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The influence of weather on human mortality in Hong Kong.
  • Y. Yan
  • Environmental Science
    Social science & medicine
  • 2000
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To reduce the overall mortality rate and to prolong life expectancy in Japan, measures must be taken to reduce those mortality rates associated with seasonal differences, especially those causes of death which show a strong correlation with seasonal change: respiratory, heart, cerebrovascular, diabetes and infectious diseases.
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