Seasonal variation of low-latitude Eregion plasma irregularities studied using Gadanki radar and ionosonde

  title={Seasonal variation of low-latitude Eregion plasma irregularities studied using Gadanki radar and ionosonde},
  author={D V Phanikumar and Ajit Kumar Patra and Clince Devasia},
In this paper, we present seasonal variation of E region field-aligned irregularities (FAIs) observed using the Gadanki radar and compare them with the seasonal variation of Es observed from a nearby location SHAR. During daytime, FAIs occur maximum in summer and throughout the day, as compared to other seasons. During nighttime, FAIs occur equally in both summer and winter, and relatively less in equinoxes. Seasonal variations of Es (i.e.ftEs andfbEs) show that the daytime activity is maximum… CONTINUE READING

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