Seasonal variation in CH4 emissions and production and oxidation potentials at microsites on an oligotrophic pine fen

  title={Seasonal variation in CH4 emissions and production and oxidation potentials at microsites on an oligotrophic pine fen},
  author={Sanna Saarnio and Jukka Alm and Jouko Silvola and A. Lohila and Hannu Nyk{\"a}nen and Pertti J. Martikainen},
 Temporal and spatial variation in CH4 emissions was studied at hummock, Eriophorum lawn, flark and Carex lawn microsites in an oligotrophic pine fen over the growing season using a static chamber method, and CH4 production and oxidation potentials in peat profiles from hummock and flark were determined in laboratory incubation experiments. Emissions were lowest in the hummocks, and decreased with increasing hummock height, while in the lawns and flarks they increased with increasing sedge… CONTINUE READING
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