Seasonal prevalence of hydatidosis in buffaloes - a retrospective study.

  title={Seasonal prevalence of hydatidosis in buffaloes - a retrospective study.},
  author={Aarif Muhammad Khan and Mohsin Ali Gazi and Suhani Bashir},
Aim: To identify the prevalence of Hydatidosis in buffaloe-calves, heifers and adults slaughtered in slaughter house of Mirha Exports Pvt. Ltd. between March 2010 to Feb. 2011. Materials and Methods: 2,09,615 buffaloes slaughtered were included in this study and were categorized into three groups (A, B and C) based on their age at the time of ante-mortem examination. Group A consisted of calves (>1 year), accounting for 5100 out of the total number of animals. Group B consisted of heifers (2-3… CONTINUE READING

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