Seasonal metabolic variation in two populations of an Afrotropical euplectid bird.

  title={Seasonal metabolic variation in two populations of an Afrotropical euplectid bird.},
  author={T M F N van de Ven and Nomakwezi Mzilikazi and Andrew E McKechnie},
  journal={Physiological and biochemical zoology : PBZ},
  volume={86 1},
Many birds exhibit seasonal phenotypic flexibility in basal metabolic rate (BMR) and summit metabolism (M(sum)), but very little information is available for species from subtropical latitudes or for conspecific populations from sites that vary in climate. We measured body mass (M(b)), BMR, and M(sum) in summer and winter in two populations of the southern red bishop Euplectes orix, a passerine that is widespread in southern Africa. One population occurs at a comparatively warmer coastal site… CONTINUE READING
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