Seasonal flux of nonylphenol in Han River, Korea.

  title={Seasonal flux of nonylphenol in Han River, Korea.},
  author={Donghao Li and Minseon Kim and Won Joon Shim and Un Hyuk Yim and Jae-Ryoung Oh and Young-Jin Kwon},
  volume={56 1},
In order to understand the behavior of nonylphenol (NP) in Han River, water, suspended particle and sediment samples were analyzed during summer, autumn and winter. Concentrations of nonylphenol in water ranged from 23.2 to 187.6 ng/l, in suspended particle from 6.8 to 190.8 ng/l and in sediment from 25.4 to 932.0 ng/gdrywt. An increasing trend in the concentration is noticed in all matrices along down the river. In case of water and suspended particle, concentrations were higher in warmer… CONTINUE READING