Seasonal asthma caused by airborne Platanus pollen.

  title={Seasonal asthma caused by airborne Platanus pollen.},
  author={Javier Subiza and Maribel Cabrera and Rommel Valdivieso and Mauricio Jerez and J Angel Jim{\'e}nez and M J Narganes and E Subiza},
  journal={Clinical and experimental allergy : journal of the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology},
  volume={24 12},
This work describes three patients suffering from bronchial asthma after being naturally exposed to airborne plane-tree pollen. The three patients gave immediate response in skin tests and dual response in bronchial provocations using Platanus hybrida extract. There was specific seric IgE activity against this/these antigen(s) with the CAP system. The three patients also showed significant correlation (P < 0.001) between their rhinitis and asthma symptom-scores registered on their diary cards… CONTINUE READING

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