Seasonal and spatial trends in manganese solubility in an alluvial aquifer.

  title={Seasonal and spatial trends in manganese solubility in an alluvial aquifer.},
  author={Alain C. M. Bourg and Clotllde Bertin},
  journal={Environmental science & technology},
  volume={28 5},
The hydrogeochemistry of river water and groundwater in a hydraulic configuration where river water infiltrates into an alluvial aquifer was monitored monthly over a 14-month period. Trends could be seen for temperature, pH, and dissolved 0 2 and Mn. Wells located within 15 m of the river show a significant seasonal variation in dissolved Mn. A threshold temperature of 10 OC seems to be necessary in order to trigger and maintain Mn solubility (microbiologically mediated reactions). Farther from… CONTINUE READING
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