Searching the Literature Using Medical Subject Headings versus Text Word with PubMed

  title={Searching the Literature Using Medical Subject Headings versus Text Word with PubMed},
  author={Angela A Chang and Karen M. Heskett and Terence M. Davidson},
  journal={The Laryngoscope},
Objective/Hypothesis: This study was conducted to investigate the performance of two search strategies in the retrieval of information from the National Library of Medicine (NLM) on otolaryngology–head and neck surgery related conditions and diagnoses using PubMed. 
Recent research for MEDLINE/PubMed: short review
Recent information retrieval research for MEDLINE and its information retrieval system PubMed is discussed by reviewing eight recent papers from different areas: improving and optimizing the user's query, user behavior, and comparison of different search techniques. Expand
How Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practitioners Use PubMed
Strong indications are found of PubMed’s potential value in the professional development of these complementary and alternative medicine practitioners in terms of engaging with and understanding research. Expand
Precision and Recall of Search Strategies for Identifying Studies on Return-To-Work in Medline
No single MeSH term is available to help the physician to identify relevant studies on RTW in Medline, and locating these types of studies requires the use of various MeSH and non-MeSH terms in combination to obtain a satisfactory Recall. Expand
Comparison of the time‐to‐indexing in PubMed between biomedical journals according to impact factor, discipline, and focus
Results suggest that there may be factors that influence the priority by which articles are indexed with MeSH terms, and future research should focus on determining those journal characteristics and any impact of this delay on clinical practice. Expand
Networking an evaluation of clinical literature searches: a preliminary report
Librarians are generally considered to be expert searchers of biomedical databases, and most articles regarding search techniques focus on the integration of library-based information literacyExpand
The methodological quality of systematic reviews indexed in the MEDLINE database: A multivariate approach
The results highlight the large variability of the methodology used in the literature search protocols of the systematic reviews analysed and confirm the low precision of the filter used by PubMed for the recovery of systematic reviews. Expand
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This study develops a sensitive search strategy for assessing publication output in the field of FM independent of the author's profession or affiliation and by GPs/general practice institutions independent of their field of scientific interest. Expand
History of Mastoidectomy: PubMed, Best Matches, Secondary References, and Inaccuracies
  • A. Mudry
  • Medicine
  • Otology & neurotology : official publication of the American Otological Society, American Neurotology Society [and] European Academy of Otology and Neurotology
  • 2021
Questions are raised on the validity and the relevance of the best matches algorithm in PubMed, which contains many inaccuracies, notably concerning Galen, Lucas van Leyden, Paré, Riolan the Younger and Justus von Berger. Expand
Citation Analysis for Biomedical and Health Sciences Journals Published in Korea
Efforts by journals to be enlisted in international databases, especially in SCI and Medline, are critical to enhance their global circulation, however, articles published in English only hinder the use of domestic researchers. Expand
Medical subject headings versus American Psychological Association Index Terms: indexing eating disorders
Keywords used in articles published in eating disorder journals indexed in MEDLINE were analyzed to determine their correspondence with the MeSH or the APA-Terms, finding weak agreement between keywords and indexing terms may hinder the cataloguing of eating disorder articles. Expand


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Understanding and using the medical subject headings (MeSH) vocabulary to perform literature searches.
The structure and use of MeSH are reviewed, directed toward the nonexpert, and how MeSH may help resolve a number of common difficulties encountered when searching MEDLINE are outlined. Expand
Comparison of Medical Subject Headings and text-word searches in MEDLINE to retrieve studies on sleep in healthy individuals.
  • E. Jenuwine, J. Floyd
  • Medicine, Computer Science
  • Journal of the Medical Library Association : JMLA
  • 2004
No combination of MeSH terms could provide comprehensive yet reasonably precise retrieval of relevant articles and the two search strategies should be used together for maximal retrieval. Expand
Technical Milestone: Medical Subject Headings Used to Search the Biomedical Literature
This paper commemorates the 40th anniversary of the introduction of MeSH and salutes some of the farsighted persons who conceived and developed the MEDLINE database. Expand
Research Paper: Developing Optimal Search Strategies for Detecting Clinically Sound Studies in MEDLINE
The retrieval of studies of important clinical topics cited in MEDLINE can be substantially enhanced by selected combinations of indexing terms and textwords. Expand
The conceptualization and measurement of quality of life in older adults: a review of empirical studies published during 1994–2006
Quality control standards, which can guide measurement assessment and subsequent data interpretation, are needed to enhance more consistent reporting of the psychometric properties of QoL instruments utilized. Expand
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