Searching for three-nucleon resonances.

  title={Searching for three-nucleon resonances.},
  author={Cs{\'o}t{\'o} and Oberhummer and Pichler},
  journal={Physical review. C, Nuclear physics},
  volume={53 4},
We search for three-neutron resonances which were predicted from pion double charge exchange experiments on {sup 3}He. All partial waves up to {ital J}=5/2 are nonresonant except the {ital J}{sup {pi}}=3/2{sup +} one, where we find a state at {ital E}=14 MeV energy with 13 MeV width. The parameters of the mirror state in the three-proton system are {ital E}=15 MeV and {Gamma}=14 MeV. The possible existence of an excited state in the triton, which was predicted from a H({sup 6}He,{alpha… Expand
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