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Searching for a Long Cosmic String Through the Gravitational Lensing Effect

  title={Searching for a Long Cosmic String Through the Gravitational Lensing Effect},
  author={Yuji Shirasaki and Ei-ichi Matsuzaki and Yoshihiko Mizumoto and Fumio Kakimoto and S. Ogio and Naoki Yasuda and Masahiro Tanaka and Hideki Yahagi and Masahiro Nagashima and George Kosugi National Astronomical Observatory of Japan and Department of Engineering Physics and Tokyo Institute of Technology and Subaru Telescope and Naoj},
  journal={arXiv: Astrophysics},
It has been suggested that cosmic strings produced at a phase transition in the early universe can be the origin of the extremely high energy cosmic rays (EHCR) observed by AGASA above 10^20 eV. Superheavy cosmic strings with linear mass density of 10^22 g/cm can be indirectly observed through the gravitational lensing effect the distant galaxies. The lensing effect by a long straight object can be characterized by a line of double galaxies or quasars with angular separation of about 5 arcsec… 

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