Searching for New Scripts: Gender Roles in Memory of Departure

  title={Searching for New Scripts: Gender Roles in Memory of Departure},
  author={Felicity Hand},
  journal={Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction},
  pages={223 - 240}
  • Felicity Hand
  • Published 26 February 2015
  • Sociology
  • Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction
This article focuses on gender performativity in Abdulrazak Gurnah's debut novel Memory of Departure (1987). Like all of Gurnah's oeuvre, this novel is underpinned by Muslim codes of conduct, which demands that the production of meaning be unraveled from this starting point. The ambiguity of social constructions of gender that sexualize relations of domination are highlighted in this novel, which renders Muslim men more visible as gendered subjects. 


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