Searching for New Physics with bbar -> sbar Bs -> V_1 V_2 Penguin Decays

  title={Searching for New Physics with bbar -> sbar Bs -> V\_1 V\_2 Penguin Decays},
  author={Bhubanjyoti Bhattacharya and Alakabha Datta and Murugeswaran Duraisamy and David London},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We present the most general (six-helicity) angular analysis of Bs -> V_1 (-> P_1P'_1) V_2 (-> P_2P'_2) (V_i is a vector meson, and P_i, P'_i are pseudoscalars). We focus on final states accessible to both Bs and Bsbar -- these are mainly bbar -> sbar penguin decays. We also derive the most general decay amplitude, and discuss the differences between it and that used by LHCb in its analysis of Bs -> phi phi. In the standard model, all CP violation is predicted to be small, so that the simple… 

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