Searching for Justice on the Maine Frontier: Legal Concepts, Treaties, and the 1749 Wiscasset Incident

  title={Searching for Justice on the Maine Frontier: Legal Concepts, Treaties, and the 1749 Wiscasset Incident},
  author={David L. Ghere and Alvin Hamblen Morrison},
  journal={The American Indian Quarterly},
  pages={378 - 399}
Two women came to the house of Samuel Denny, justice of the peace, in early December 1749 1 to report an unprovoked murder near Wiscasset, Maine. Their families had been attacked in the middle of the night; one woman’s husband had been killed and the other woman’s husband had been wounded along with a third man. Justice Denny contacted the local sheriff, issued arrest warrants, and requested government aid for the fourteen members of these families, left destitute as a result of the crimes… 
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