Searching for Interstellar Communications

  title={Searching for Interstellar Communications},
  author={Giuseppe Cocconi and Philip J. Morrison},
Alternative standard frequencies for interstellar communication
Abstract The 21 cm hydrogen line is considered a favourable frequency by the SETI programme in their search for signals from potential extraterrestrial (ET) civilizations. The Pioneer plaque,
Preferred frequency for interstellar communications
MANY scientists believe that intelligent life is common in our Galaxy1–6 and that electromagnetic waves are the most practical means of communication7,8. Even equipment of a terrestrial standard can
Transmitting signals over interstellar distances: three approaches compared in the context of the Drake equation
  • L. Arnold
  • Physics
    International Journal of Astrobiology
  • 2013
Abstract I compare three methods for transmitting signals over interstellar distances: radio transmitters, lasers and artificial transits. The quantitative comparison is based on physical quantities
Time markers in interstellar communication
THE feasibility of interstellar radio communication using existing facilities has been established in principle1. We can communicate with extraterrestrial civilisations whose technological powers are
Extra-Terrestrial Radio Transmissions
WE are witness again to a surge of interest in, and speculation about, extra-terrestrial radio transmissions which had an earlier flare in the late twenties1. The favourable change in climate for the
Twenty-Five Years of the Search for Extraterrestrial Communications
On this silver anniversary of the first published proposal for a search of the skies to seek communications over interstellar distances, I present a rather personal account of the origins of the
Physical sciences: Difficulty of interstellar radio communication
None of the rational choices put forward may now be treated with confidence as the correct one and this magnifies the difficulty of the problem.
Viability of quantum communication across interstellar distances
The possibility of achieving quantum communication using photons across interstellar distances is examined. For this, different factors are considered that could induce decoherence of photons,