Searching for Concurrent Design Patterns in Video Games

  title={Searching for Concurrent Design Patterns in Video Games},
  author={Micah J. Best and Alexandra Fedorova and Ryan Dickie and Andrea Tagliasacchi and Alex Couture-Beil and Craig Mustard and Shane Mottishaw and Aron Brown and Zhi Feng Huang and Xiaoyuan Xu and Nasser Ghazali and Andrew Brownsword},
The transition to multicore architectures has dramatically underscored the necessity for parallelism in software. In particular, while new gaming consoles are by and large multicore, most existing video game engines are essentially sequential and thus cannot easily take advantage of this hardware. In this paper we describe techniques derived from our experience parallelizing an open-source video game Cube 2. We analyze the structure and unique requirements of this complex application domain… CONTINUE READING
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