Searching for Biological Rhythms: Peak Detection in the Periodogram of Unequally Spaced Data

  title={Searching for Biological Rhythms: Peak Detection in the Periodogram of Unequally Spaced Data},
  author={Hans P. A. Van Dongen and Erik Olofsen and J H VanHartevelt and E. W. Kruyt},
  journal={Journal of Biological Rhythms},
  pages={617 - 620}
The classical power spectrum, computed in the frequency domain, outranks traditionally used periodograms derived in the time domain (such as the [.chi]2 periodogram) regarding the search for biological rhythms. Unfortunately, classical power spectral analysis is not possible with unequally spaced data (e.g., time series with missing data). The Lomb-Scargle periodogram fixes this shortcoming. However, peak detection in the Lomb-Scargle periodogram of unequally spaced data requires some careful… 
Cosinor-based rhythmometry
  • G. Cornelissen
  • Mathematics
    Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling
  • 2014
The extended cosinor has been further developed for the analysis of long time series, focusing both on rhythm detection and parameter estimation, and ways of dealing with non-stationary data are presented.
From dawn to dusk—mimicking natural daylight exposure improves circadian rhythm entrainment in patients with severe brain injury
The results indicate that DDL stimulation entrains and stabilizes circadian rhythms in post-comatose patients with disorders of consciousness (DOC), which highlights the importance of adequate room lighting as an adjunct therapeutic approach for improving circadian routines in severely brain-injured patients.
A Simple Approach for the Computation of Multiple Periodicities in Biological Time Series
A simple approach for the analysis and isolation of multiple periodicities from a biological time series, using Siegel's modification of Fisher's method to detect significant periodicit(y)ies in the time series.
Theil Entropy as a Non-Lineal Analysis for Spectral Inequality of Physiological Oscillations
In the state of mental stress, the inequality determined by the Theil entropy analysis of heart rate increases with respect to the resting state and the same analytical approach shows that cellular calcium oscillations present on developing interneurons display greater inequality distribution when inhibition of a neurotransmitter system is in place.
Letter to the Editor: Analysis of Problematic Time Series with the LombÐScargle Method, A Reply to ‘Emphasizing Difficulties in the Detection of Rhythms with LombÐScargle Periodograms’
A large variety of time series analysis techniques is available for biological rhythm research, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and all the knowledge that is available about a time series can be used to select an analysis technique that is, at the least, appropriate.
Circadian periodicity of cerebral blood flow revealed by laser-Doppler flowmetry in awake rats: relation to blood pressure and activity.
There is a circadian periodicity in the regulation of cerebral perfusion that is independent of circadian changes in ABP and probably is also independent of locomotor activity, which may have implications for the occurrence of diurnal alterations in cerebrovascular events in humans.
Uric acid biorhythm, a feature of long-term variation in a clinical laboratory database
Serum uric acid biorhythm is dependent on gender and age and it may have relevant influence on preanalytical variability of clinical laboratory results.
Circadian Regulation of Neural Excitability in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
The results suggest that the acutely induced seizures perturb the phase relationship of SW activity within the CA1 region with respect to the circadian rhythm, which appears to produce an imbalance in the firing dynamics, eventually leading to spontaneous epileptic limbic seizures.
An application of wavelet analysis to paleoproductivity records from the Southern Ocean
Broad-Spectrum Mitigation and the Cognitive Neurobiological Interface: Considering Biological Rhythms in Augmented Cognition
Biological rhythms will be proposed as the input for both “sub-cognitive” state gauges and a predictive model based on complexity theory that modulate the input/output properties of basic cognitive state gauging.


The Lomb-Scargle Periodogram in Biological Rhythm Research: Analysis of Incomplete and Unequally Spaced Time-Series
  • T. Ruf
  • Environmental Science
  • 1999
The Lomb–Scargle periodogram may serve as a useful method for the study of biological rhythms, especially when applied to telemetrical or observational time-series obtained from free-living animals, i.e., data sets that notoriously lack points.
The chi square periodogram: its utility for analysis of circadian rhythms.
A procedure of multiple period searching in unequally spaced time-series with the Lomb-Scargle method.
This paper shows that the Lomb-Scargle method is the appropriate tool for periodogram analysis of unequally spaced data, and argues that, when following the procedure of multiple period searching, the authors can even benefit from the unequal spacing of a time-series in biological rhythm research.
Studies in astronomical time series analysis. II - Statistical aspects of spectral analysis of unevenly spaced data
This paper studies the reliability and efficiency of detection with the most commonly used technique, the periodogram, in the case where the observation times are unevenly spaced to retain the simple statistical behavior of the evenly spaced case.
Estimation of Periods from Unequally Spaced Observations
A better estimation of the power spectrum of a time series formed with unequally spaced observations may be obtained by means of a data-compensated discrete Fourier transform. This transform is
Least-squares frequency analysis of unequally spaced data
The statistical properties of least-squares frequency analysis of unequally spaced data are examined. It is shown that, in the least-squares spectrum of gaussian noise, the reduction in the sum of
Numerical recipes in C++: the art of scientific computing, 2nd Edition (C++ ed., print. is corrected to software version 2.10)
F uther repruction, or ny coying of m acineredable fles (inluding his one) to ny srver om pter, is sictly proibited.
Numerical Recipes in C: The Art of Scientific Computing
Periodogram analysis of unequally spaced data : The Lomb method
  • 1997
Periodogram analysis of unequally spaced data: The Lomb method. Department of Physiology, Leiden University, Leiden. ISBN 90-803851-1-5
  • 1997