Searches for neutral Higgs bosons in ${\mathrm e}^+{\mathrm e}^-$ collisions from $\sqrt{s} = 191.6$ to 201.7 GeV

  title={Searches for neutral Higgs bosons in \$\{\mathrm e\}^+\{\mathrm e\}^-\$ collisions from \$\sqrt\{s\} = 191.6\$ to 201.7 GeV},
  author={J. Abdallah et al. and The Delphi Collaboration},
  journal={The European Physical Journal C - Particles and Fields},
Abstract. Neutral Higgs bosons of the Standard Model (SM) and the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM) were searched for in the data collected in 1999 by the DELPHI experiment at centre-of-mass energies between 191.6 and 201.7 GeV with a total integrated luminosity of 228 pb$^{-1}$. These analyses, in combination with our results at lower energies, set 95% confidence level lower mass bounds on the Standard Model Higgs boson (107.3 GeV/$c^2$) and on the lightest neutral scalar (85.9 GeV…