Searches for heavy long-lived sleptons and R-hadrons with the ATLAS detector in pp collisions at s = 7 TeV

  title={Searches for heavy long-lived sleptons and R-hadrons with the ATLAS detector in pp collisions at s = 7 TeV},
  author={Glenn N Taylor and Washington Taylor and M. Teinturier and Florian Teischinger and M. Teixeira Dias Castanheira and P. Teixeira-Dias and K. K. Temming and Herman ten Kate and Ping-kun Teng and Shuhei Terada and Koji Terashi and Juan Terron and Massimo Testa and R. J. Teuscher and J. Therhaag and Timoth{\'e}e Theveneaux-Pelzer and Stephen J. Thoma and Jeffrey P. Thomas and Elicia N Thompson and Paul Daniel Thompson and A. Siobhan Thompson and Linda Aagaard Thomsen and Elizabeth H Thomson and Matthew K Thomson and Weng Y Thong and R. P. Thun and Feng Tian and M. J. Tibbetts and T. Tic and Valery Tikhomirov and Yu. A. Tikhonov and Svetlana Timoshenko and Paul L. Tipton and S. Tisserant and Todor Georgiev Todorov and S. Todorova-Nova and B. Toggerson and Junji Tojo and Stanislav Tokar and Katsuo Tokushuku and Katherine Tollefson and Makoto Tomoto and Lucy S. Tompkins and K. Toms and Anahit Tonoyan and Cyril Topfel and N. D. Topilin and Ingo Torchiani and Eric C. 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Aad, G.; et al., [Unknown]; Aben, R.; Beemster, L.J.; Bentvelsen, S.C.M.; Berglund, E.; Bobbink, G.J.; Bos, K.; Boterenbrood, H.; Colijn, A.P.; de Jong, P.J.; de Nooij, L.; Deluca, C.; Deviveiros, P.O.; Doxiadis, A.; Ferrari, P.; Garitaonandia, H.; Geerts, D.A.A.; Gosselink, M.; Hartjes, F.G.; Hessey, N.P.; Igonkina, O.; Kayl, M.S.; Klous, S.; Kluit, P.M.; Koffeman, E.N.; Lee, H.C.; Lenz, T.; Linde, F.L.; Luijckx, G.; Mahlstedt, J.; Massaro, G.G.G.; Mechnich, J.; Mussche, I.; Ottersbach, J.P… CONTINUE READING
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