Searches for anisotropies in the arrival directions of the highest energy cosmic rays detected by the pierre auger observatory

  title={Searches for anisotropies in the arrival directions of the highest energy cosmic rays detected by the pierre auger observatory},
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Villase{\~n}or and Serguei Vorobiov and Hannu Wahlberg and O Scar Wainberg and Dieter Andreas Walz and Alan Andrew Watson and Matthias Weber and Klaus Frank Weidenhaupt and K. Weidenhaupt and Frank Werner and Allan Widom and Lawrence Wiencke and Barbara Wilczynska and Henryk Wilczynski and H. Wilczynski and Tobias Winchen and David Wittkowski and Brian Wundheiler and B. Wundheiler and Tokujiro Yamamoto and Guofeng Yuan and B. Zamorano Garcia and B. Asenjo Zamorano and Danilo Zavrtanik and Marko Zavrtanik and A. Vega Zepeda and Jing-nan Zhou and Yuxue Zhu and Marcelo Zimbres Silva and Michael Ziolkowski and Felice Zuccarello},
J. A. Bellido, S. G. Blaess, R. W. Clay, M. J. Cooper, B. R. Dawson, T. D. Grubb, T. A. Harrison, G. C. Hill, M. Malacari, P. H. Nguyen, S. J. Saffi, J. Sorokin, P. van Bodegom are members of The Pierre Auger Collaboration 

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  • Front. Astron. Space Sci.
  • 2019