Searches for R-parity-violating supersymmetry in pp collisions at ffiffi s p = 8 TeV in final states with 0 – 4 leptons

  title={Searches for R-parity-violating supersymmetry in pp collisions at ffiffi s p = 8 TeV in final states with 0 – 4 leptons},
  author={O. Buchmuller and A. C. Bundock and S. Casasso and Matthew Citron and Dave Colling and L. Corpe and P. D. Dauncey and Gwyneth Davies and Patrick C Dunne and A. Elwood and D. Futyan and Yariv Haddad and Ray Lucas and Suleman Malik and Luigia Mastrolorenzo and J. Gregory Nash and Alexander Nikitenko and Douglas M Raymond and Andrew K Richards and Alec Daniel Rose and Chris Seez and A. Tapper and Kenichi Uchida and Monica L Acosta and Tejinder S. Virdee and Sebastian Zenz and John E. Cole and P. R. Hobson and Arshad Khan and Paul Kyberd and David G. Leslie and Ivan Reid and Phil Symonds and Liliana Teodorescu and Mariel E. Turner and Ahmad Borzou and Jason A. Dittmann and Kenichi Hatakeyama and Hong Liu and N. Pastika and O. Charaf and Susan Cooper and Christian Henderson and Paolo Rumerio and D. Arcaro and Adel Avetisyan and Tuvia Bose and D. Gastler and Daniel J. Rankin and Christina Richardson and John Rohlf and L. 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Sandoval Gonzalez and Peter Turner and Nikos Varelas and Burak Bilki and K. Dilsiz and Seher Durğut and Viktor Khristenko and H. Mermerkaya}

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