Search for violations of quantum mechanics

  title={Search for violations of quantum mechanics},
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Probing models of quantum decoherence in particle physics and cosmology
In this review we discuss the string theoretical motivations for induced decoherence and deviations from ordinary quantum-mechanical behaviour; this leads to intrinsic CPT violation in the context of
The search for quantum gravity effects I
In this contribution the search for effects from possible theories of quantum gravity is reviewed. In order to distinguish quantum gravity effects from standard effects, first the standard theory and
CPT Symmetry and Quantum Mechanics Tests in the Neutral Kaon System at KLOE
The neutral kaon system offers a unique possibility to perform fundamental tests of CPT invariance, as well as of the basic principles of quantum mechanics. The most recent limits obtained by the
A relational solution to the problem of time in quantum mechanics and quantum gravity: a fundamental mechanism for quantum decoherence
The use of a relational time in quantum mechanics is a framework in which one promotes to quantum operators all variables in a system, and later chooses one of the variables to operate like a
Exploration of possible quantum gravity effects with neutrinos I: Decoherence in neutrino oscillations experiments
Quantum gravity may involve models with stochastic fluctuations of the associated metric field, around some fixed background value. Such stochastic models of gravity may induce decoherence for matter
Search for Quantum Gravity
A satisfactory theory of quantum gravity maynecessitate a drastic modification of our perception ofspace-time, by giving it a foamy structure at distancescomparable to the Planck length. It is argued


The unpredictability of quantum gravity
Quantum gravity seems to introduce a new level of unpredictability into physics over and above that normally associated with the uncertainty principle. This is because the metric of spacetime can
On particle creation by black holes
Hawking's analysis of particle creation by black holes is extended by explicitly obtaining the expression for the quantum mechanical state vector ψ which results from particle creation starting from
Can Quantum-Mechanical Description of Physical Reality Be Considered Complete?
Consideration of the problem of making predictions concerning a system on the basis of measurements made on another system that had previously interacted with it leads to the result that one is led to conclude that the description of reality as given by a wave function is not complete.
On the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox
THE paradox of Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen [1] was advanced as an argument that quantum mechanics could not be a complete theory but should be supplemented by additional variables. These additional
The four laws of black hole mechanics
Expressions are derived for the mass of a stationary axisymmetric solution of the Einstein equations containing a black hole surrounded by matter and for the difference in mass between two