Search for the pathogenic fungi in amniotic fluid.

  title={Search for the pathogenic fungi in amniotic fluid.},
  author={Dorota Ewa Nowakowska and Jan Szczęsny Wilczyński and Krzysztof Szaflik and Agnieszka K Kurnatowska},
  journal={Wiadomosci parazytologiczne},
  volume={47 Suppl 1},
Intra-amniotic infection with Candida is rare but considers an etiological factor for preterm rupture of membranes (PROM). The aim of the study was the investigation of the mycotic invasion of the amniotic cavity in pregnant women with PROM and with intact fetal memranes. 170 women were included in two groups: I (n = 150)--women with intact membranes; II (n… CONTINUE READING