Search for the correction term to Fermi’s golden rule in positron annihilation

  title={Search for the correction term to Fermi’s golden rule in positron annihilation},
  author={Risa Ushioda and O.Jinnouchi and K.Ishikawa and T.Sloan},
  journal={Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics},
In the positron–electron annihilation process, finite deviations from the standard calculation based on Fermi’s golden rule are suggested in recent theoretical work. This paper describes an experimental test of the predictions of this theoretical work by searching for events with two photons from positron annihilation of energy larger than the electron rest mass ($511\,{\rm keV}$). The positrons came from a ${\rm {}^{22}Na}$ source, tagging the third photon from the spontaneous emission of… 

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