Search for the B meson in hadronic Z 0 decaysc

  title={Search for the B meson in hadronic Z 0 decaysc},
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A search for decays of the B meson was performed using data collected from 1990–1995 with the OPAL detector on or c near the Z peak at LEP. The decay channels BTMJrcp, BTMJrca and BTMJrc ln were investigated, where l c c 1 c denotes an electron or a muon. Two candidates are observed in the mode BTMJrcp, with an estimated background of c Ž . Ž . 2 0.63"0.20 events. The weighted mean of the masses of the two candidates is 6.32"0.06 GeVrc , which is consistent with the predicted mass of the B… CONTINUE READING