Search for solar axions by Primakoff effect in NaI crystals

  title={Search for solar axions by Primakoff effect in NaI crystals},
  author={Roberto Bernabei and P. Belli and R. Cerulli and Fernanda Montecchia and Francesco Nozzoli and A. Incicchitti and Davide Prosperi and C. J. Dai and Huihai He and Hao-huai Kuang and J. M. Ma and Stefano Scopel},
The results of a search for possible signal due to Primakoff coherent conversion of solar axions into photons in NaI(Tl) are presented. The experiment has been carried out at the Gran Sasso National Laboratory of INFN; the used statistics is 53437 kg day. The presently most stringent experimental limit on g(a gamma gamma) from this process is obtained: g(a gamma gamma) < 1.7 x 10(-9) GeV-1 (90% C.L.). In particular, the axion mass window m(a) greater than or similar to 0.03 eV, not accessible… CONTINUE READING


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