Search for slowly moving magnetic monopoles with the MACRO detector.

  title={Search for slowly moving magnetic monopoles with the MACRO detector.},
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Search for Slowly Moving Magnetic Monopoles with the MACRO Detector S. Ahlen, ( ) M. Ambrosio ( z) R. Antolini, ( ) (7') G. Auriemrna, ( 4) ( R. Baker, ( ) A. Baldini, ( ) B. B. Bam ) G. C. Barbarino( ) B. C. Barish, ) G. Battistoni, (6) ( ) R. Bellotti, ( ) C. Bemporad, ( P. Bernardini ( ) H. Bilokon ( ) V. Bisi (~ ) C. Bloise, ( ) C. Bower, ) S. Bussino, ( ) F. Cafagna, (~) M. Calicchio D. Campana ( P. Campana M. Carboni S. Cecchini, ( ) (') F. Cei, ' ) V. Chiarella, ( R. Cormack, ( ) A… CONTINUE READING