Search for proton decay via p-->e+pi0 and p-->micro+pi0 in a large water Cherenkov detector.

  title={Search for proton decay via p-->e+pi0 and p-->micro+pi0 in a large water Cherenkov detector.},
  author={H. Nishino and S. Clark and K. Abe and Y. Hayato and T. Iida and M. Ikeda and J. Kameda and K. Kobayashi and Y. Koshio and M. Miura and S. Moriyama and M. Nakahata and S. Nakayama and Y. Obayashi and H. Ogawa and H. Sekiya and M. Shiozawa and Y. Suzuki and A. Takeda and Y. Takenaga and Y. Takeuchi and K. Ueno and K. Ueshima and H. Watanabe and S. Yamada and S. Hazama and I. Higuchi and C. Ishihara and T. Kajita and K. Kaneyuki and G. Mitsuka and K. Okumura and N. Tanimoto and M. Vagins and F. Dufour and E. Kearns and M. Litos and J. L. Raaf and J. L. Stone and L. Sulak and W. Wang and M. Goldhaber and S. Dazeley and R. Svoboda and K. Bays and D. Casper and J. P. Cravens and W. Kropp and S. Mine and C. Regis and M. Smy and H. Sobel and K. S. Ganezer and J. Hill and W. E. Keig and J. S. Jang and J. Kim and I. T. Lim and M. Fechner and K. Scholberg and C. Walter and R. Wendell and S. Tasaka and J. Learned and S. Matsuno and Y. Watanabe and T. Hasegawa and T. Ishida and T. Ishii and T. Kobayashi and T. Nakadaira and K. Nakamura and K. Nishikawa and Y. Oyama and K. Sakashita and T. Sekiguchi and T. Tsukamoto and A. Suzuki and A. Minamino and T. Nakaya and M. Yokoyama and Y. Fukuda and Y. Itow and T. Tanaka and C. K. Jung and G. Lopez and C. McGrew and R. Terri and C. Yanagisawa and N. Tamura and Y. Idehara and M. Sakuda and Y. Kuno and M. Yoshida and S. Kim and B. S. Yang and T. Ishizuka and H. Okazawa and Y. Choi and H. Seo and Y. Furuse and K. Nishijima and Y. Yokosawa and M. Koshiba and Y. Totsuka and S. Chen and Y. Heng and Z. Yang and H. Zhang and D. Kiełczewska and E. Thrane and R. Wilkes},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={102 14},
  • H. Nishino, S. Clark, +109 authors R. Wilkes
  • Published 2009
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review letters
  • We have searched for proton decays via p-->e;{+}pi;{0} and p-->micro;{+}pi;{0} using data from a 91.7 kt.yr exposure of Super-Kamiokande-I and a 49.2 kt.yr exposure of Super-Kamiokande-II. No candidate events were observed with expected backgrounds induced by atmospheric neutrinos of 0.3 events for each decay mode. From these results, we set lower limits on the partial lifetime of 8.2 x 10;{33} and 6.6 x 10;{33} years at 90% confidence level for p-->e;{+}pi;{0} and p-->micro;{+}pi;{0} modes… CONTINUE READING
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