Search for new physics in events with two soft oppositely charged leptons and missing transverse momentum in proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}=$ 13 TeV

  title={Search for new physics in events with two soft oppositely charged leptons and missing transverse momentum in proton-proton collisions at \$\sqrt\{s\}=\$ 13 TeV},
  author={Cms Tracker Collaboration},
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Search for top squark production in fully hadronic final states in proton-proton collisions at s=13  TeV

A search for production of the supersymmetric partners of the top quark, top squarks, is presented. The search is based on proton-proton collision events containing multiple jets, no leptons, and

Sleptons without hadrons

Multilepton searches for electroweakino and slepton pair production at hadron colliders remain some of the best means to test weak-scale supersymmetry. Searches at the CERN Large Hadron Collider,

Constraints on charmphilic solutions to the muon g−2 with leptoquarks

We derive constraints from flavor and LHC searches on charmphilic contributions to the muon anomalous magnetic moment with a single leptoquark. Only the scalar leptoquarks $S_1$ and $R_2$ are

Higgsino and gaugino pair production at the LHC with aNNLO+NNLL precision

We present a calculation of higgsino and gaugino pair production at the LHC at next-to-next-to-leading logarithmic (NNLL) accuracy, matched to approximate next-to-next-to-leading order (aNNLO) QCD

Whac-a-constraint with anomaly-free dark matter models

Theories where a fermionic dark matter candidate interacts with the Standard Model through a vector mediator are often studied using minimal models, which are not necessarily anomaly-free. In fact,

New angular and other cuts to improve the Higgsino signal at the LHC

Motivated by the fact that naturalness arguments strongly suggest that the SUSY-preserving higgsino mass parameter µ cannot be too far above the weak scale, we re-examine higgsino pair production in

Mono-Higgs signature in the scotogenic model with Majorana dark matter

We study the phenomenology of scotogenic model in the case of Majorana Dark Matter (DM) candidate. This scenario gives important consequences since the parameter space of the model is almost

Constraining electroweakinos in the minimal Dirac gaugino model

Supersymmetric models with Dirac instead of Majorana gaugino masses have distinct phenomenological consequences. In this paper, we investigate the electroweakino sector of the Minimal Dirac Gaugino



Measurement of Spin Correlation in Top-Antitop Quark Events and Search for Top Squark Pair Production in pp Collisions at √s = 8 TeV Using the ATLAS Detector

A measurement of spin correlation in t (t) over bar production is presented using data collected with the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider in proton-proton collisions at a center-of-mass

Performance of missing energy reconstruction in 13 TeV pp collision data using the CMS detector

  • Physics
  • 2016
The performance of missing transverse momentum reconstruction algorithms is presented using 13 TeV pp collision data collected with the CMS detector in 2016, corresponding to an integrated luminosity

Search for electroweak production of supersymmetric states in scenarios with compressed mass spectra at √s = 13 TeV with the ATLAS detector

A search for electroweak production of supersymmetric particles in scenarios with compressed mass spectra in final states with two low-momentum leptons and missing transverse momentum is presented.

Search for top-squark pair production in the single-lepton final state in pp collisions at √s = 8 TeV

: This paper presents a search for the pair production of top squarks in events with a single isolated electron or muon, jets, large missing transverse momentum, and large transverse mass. The data

Searches for supersymmetric particles in e + e- collisions up to 208 GeV and interpretation of the results within the MSSM

Abstract.DELPHI data collected at centre-of-mass energies up to 208 GeV have been analysed to search for charginos, neutralinos and sfermions in the framework of the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard

Search for new physics with same-sign isolated dilepton events with jets and missing transverse energy at the LHC

: The results of searches for new physics in events with two same-sign isolated leptons, hadronic jets, and missing transverse energy in the final state are presented. The searches use an integrated

Identification of heavy-flavour jets with the CMS detector in pp collisions at 13 TeV

Many measurements and searches for physics beyond the standard model at the LHC rely on the efficient identification of heavy-flavour jets, i.e. jets originating from bottom or charm quarks. In this

Measurements of tt spin correlations and top-quark polarization using dilepton final states in pp collisions at sqrt[s]=7  TeV.

Spin correlations and polarization in the top quark-antiquark system are measured using dilepton final states produced in pp collisions at the LHC at sqrt[s]=7  TeV to be in agreement with predictions of the standard model.