Search for neutrino oscillations on a long base-line at the CHOOZ nuclear power station

  title={Search for neutrino oscillations on a long base-line at the CHOOZ nuclear power station},
  author={Marco Apollonio and Alessandro M. Baldini and Carlo Bemporad and Elisabetta Caffau and Fabrizio Cei and Yves D{\'e}clais and Herv{\'e} de Kerret and Byron Dale Dieterle and A. V. {\'E}tenko and Loris Foresti and Jimin George and Giulia Giannini and Marco Grassi and Yu. V. Kozlov and William R. Kropp and D. Kryn and M. Laiman and C E Lane and B. Lefi{\`e}vre and I. N. Machulin and Alexey Martemyanov and V. P. Martemyanov and Lusine Artakovna Mikaelyan and Donato Nicol{\`o} and Michel Obolensky and Roberto Pazzi and G. Pieri and Larry Price and Stephen Riley and Randolph Reeder and A. A. Sabelnikov and Giovanni Santin and Mikhail Skorokhvatov and Henry W. Sobel and James Vincent Steele and Richard I. Steinberg and S. V. Sukhotin and S. Tomshaw and Daniel Veron and V. N. Vyrodov},
  journal={The European Physical Journal C - Particles and Fields},
Abstract. This final article about the CHOOZ experiment presents a complete description of the $\bar{\nu}_e$ source and detector, the calibration methods and stability checks, the event reconstruction procedures and the Monte Carlo simulation. The data analysis, systematic effects and the methods used to reach our conclusions are fully discussed. Some new remarks are presented on the deduction of the confidence limits and on the correct treatment of systematic errors. 
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