Search for massive, long-lived particles using multitrack displaced vertices or displaced lepton pairs in pp collisions at √s = 8 TeV with the ATLAS detector

  title={Search for massive, long-lived particles using multitrack displaced vertices or displaced lepton pairs in pp collisions at √s = 8 TeV with the ATLAS detector},
  author={Georges Aad and Alexander Kup{\vc}o and Patrick Dru Davison and Samuel K. Webb and Stephen Jacob Sekula and J. Huston and Karl Jakobs and Sara Diglio and Martin Spousta and Ryota Yakabe and Marina Cobal and Tatjana Agatonovic-Jovin and Jaroslava Schovancova and Vadim Gratchev and Paolo Laurelli and Ahmed Bassalat and Steve White and Moshe Shapiro and Susanna Zimmermann and Till Eifert and N. Furkan Ozturk and Sinan Kuday and Sebastian Pedraza Lopez and Tingting Cao and Filippo Maria Giorgi and Steven Robertson and Fernando Monticelli and A. A. Snesarev and Laura La Rotonda and Dirk Duschinger and Edson Carquin and Mario Arturo Rivera Mart{\'i}nez and Sabine Cr{\'e}p{\'e}-Renaudin and Yury Andreevich Tikhonov and Mohamad Kassem Ayoub and Lee Tomlinson and David J. Miller and Paolo Mastrandrea and Santiago Juan Batista and William Axel Leight and A. P. Colijn and Lamei Shi and K. Chris Cerny and A. T. 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Aad, G.; et al., [Unknown]; Aben, R.; Angelozzi, I.; Beemster, L.J.; Bentvelsen, S.C.M.; Berge, D.; Bobbink, G.J.; Bos, K.; Brenner, L.; Butti, P.; Castelli, A.; Colijn, A.P.; de Jong, P.J.; de Nooij, L.; Deigaard, I.; Deluca, C.; Dhaliwal, S.; Ferrari, P.; Gadatsch, S.; Geerts, D.A.A.; Hartjes, F.G.; Hessey, N.P.; Hod, N.; Igonkina, O.; Karastathis, N.; Kluit, P.M.; Koffeman, E.N.; Linde, F.L.; Mahlstedt, J.; Meyer, J.; Oussoren, K.P.; Sabato, G.; Salek, D.; Slawinska, M.; Valencic, N.; van… CONTINUE READING

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