Search for linkage to schizophrenia on the X and Y chromosomes.

  title={Search for linkage to schizophrenia on the X and Y chromosomes.},
  author={Lynn E. DeLisi and Marcella Devoto and Rebecca Lofthouse and Mark Poulter and Arabella Smith and Gerarda Shields and Nick Bass and Guan-min Chen and Antonio De Vita and Carla Morganti},
  journal={American journal of medical genetics},
  volume={54 2},
Markers for X chromosome loci were used in linkage studies of a large group of small families (n = 126) with at least two schizophrenic members in one sibship. Based on the hypothesis that a gene for schizophrenia could be X-Y linked, with homologous loci on both X and Y, our analyses included all families regardless of the pattern of familial inheritance. Lod scores were computed with both standard X-linked and a novel X-Y model, and sib-pair analyses were performed for all markers examining… CONTINUE READING

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