Search for electron neutrino appearance in a 250 km long-baseline experiment.

  title={Search for electron neutrino appearance in a 250 km long-baseline experiment.},
  author={Moon Hee Ahn and Shigeki Aoki and Yasunobu Ashie and Hyoung Chan Bhang and S B Boyd and D. W. Casper and J. H. Choi and S. Fukuda and Yoshiyuki Fukuda and Rik Gran and T. Hara and M. Hasegawa and Takehisa Hasegawa and K. Hayashi and Y. Hayato and J. Colin Hill and Atsuko Kondo Ichikawa and A. Ikeda and T Inagaki and Taku Ishida and Tomoyuki Ishii and Masaki Ishitsuka and Yoshitaka Itow and Tomoko Iwashita and H. I. Jang and J. S. Jang and Eun Ju Jeon and Kyung Kwang Joo and Chang Kee Jung and Takaaki Kajita and Jun Kameda and Kenji Kaneyuki and I. Kato and Edward Kearns and A. Kibayashi and Danuta Kiełczewska and B. J. Kim and C. O. Kim and J. Y. Kim and S. B. Kim and K. Kobayashi and T. Kobayashi and Yusuke Koshio and William R. Kropp and John G. Learned and S. H. Lim and I. T. Lim and Hirokazu Maesaka and Tomoyuki Maruyama and Shigenobu Matsuno and Christopher Michael Mauger and C. Mcgrew and A. Minamino and Shun'ichi Mine and Makoto Miura and Kazumasa Miyano and Taichi Morita and S. Moriyama and M. Nakahata and K Nakamura and Itsuo Nakano and F. Nakata and Tsuyoshi Nakaya and Shoei Nakayama and Toshio Namba and Ryutaro Nambu and Koichiro Nishikawa and Shigeru Nishiyama and S. Noda and Yoshihisa Obayashi and A. Okada and Yuichi Oyama and Myoung Youl Pac and H. S. Park and Choji Saji and Makoto Sakuda and A. Sarrat and T. Sasaki and Noboru Sasao and Kate Scholberg and Masayuki Sekiguchi and Eric David Sharkey and Masato Shiozawa and Kazuki Shiraishi and Michael Burghard Smy and Henry W. Sobel and J. L. Stone and Yusuke Suga and L. R. Sulak and Akira Suzuki and Y. Suzuki and Y. Takeuchi and Norio Tamura and M. Tanaka and Yoji Totsuka and Satoshi Ueda and Mark Robert Vagins and C. W. Walter and W. Wang and R. J. Wilkes and Shoichi Yamada and S. Yamamoto and C. Yanagisawa and Hiroshi Yokoyama and J. Yoo and M Yoshida and Joanna Zalipska},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={93 5},
We present a search for electron neutrino appearance from accelerator-produced muon neutrinos in the K2K long-baseline neutrino experiment. One candidate event is found in the data corresponding to an exposure of 4.8 x 10(19) protons on target. The expected background in the absence of neutrino oscillations is estimated to be 2.4+/-0.6 events and is dominated by misidentification of events from neutral current pi(0) production. We exclude the nu(micro) to nu(e) oscillations at 90% C.L. for the… 

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