Search for contact interactions , large extra dimensions and finite quark radius in ep collisions

  title={Search for contact interactions , large extra dimensions and finite quark radius in ep collisions},
  author={P. Goettlicher and Oliver Gutsche and W R Hain and S. Hillert and Brewster Kahle and Ulrich K{\"o}tz and Henri Kowalski},
A search for physics beyond the Standard Model has been performed with highQ neutral current deep inelastic scattering events recorded with the ZEUS detector at HERA. Two data sets, ep → eX and ep → eX, with respective integrated luminosities of 112 pb and 16 pb, were analyzed. The data reach Q values as high as 40000 GeV. No significant deviations from Standard Model predictions were observed. Limits were derived on the effective mass scale in eeqq contact interactions, the ratio of leptoquark… CONTINUE READING


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