Search for astrophysical tau neutrinos in three years of IceCube data

  title={Search for astrophysical tau neutrinos in three years of IceCube data},
  author={Mark G. Aartsen and Klepfish Abraham and Markus Ackermann and Jenni Adams and Juan Antonio Aguilar and Markus Ahlers and Markus Ahrens and David Altmann and Trisha D. Anderson and I. Ansseau and M. Archinger and Cristina Arguelles and T. C. Arlen and J. Auffenberg and Xiaojian Bai and Steven W. Barwick and Volker Baum and Ryan Bay and James J. Beatty and Julia K. Becker Tjus and K. H. Becker and Erik J Beiser and Segev BenZvi and Patrick Berghaus and David Berley and Elisa Bernardini and Anka Bernhard and D. Z. Besson and Gwendolyn Binder and Daniel Bindig and Martin Bissok and Erik Blaufuss and Julia Blumenthal and David J. Boersma and Christian Bohm and Matthias B{\"o}rner and Femke Bos and Debanjan Bose and Sebastian B{\"o}ser and Olga Botner and Jens Braun and Lionel Brayeur and H. P. 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