Search for an LSP gluino at LEP with the DELPHI detector

  title={Search for an LSP gluino at LEP with the DELPHI detector},
  author={J. Abdallah et al. and The Delphi Collaboration},
  journal={The European Physical Journal C - Particles and Fields},
Abstract. In some supersymmetric models, the gluino ($\tilde {\rm g}$) is predicted to be light and stable. In that case, it would hadronize to form R-hadrons. In these models, the missing energy signature of the lightest supersymmetric particle is no longer valid, even if R-parity is conserved. Therefore, such a gluino is not constrained by hadron collider results, which looked for the decay $\tilde {\rm g}\to{\rm q \bar q}\tilde \chi^0_1$. Data collected by the DELPHI detector in 1994 at 91.2… 
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