Search for Spectral Irregularities due to Photon-Axionlike-Particle Oscillations with the Fermi Large Area Telescope.

  title={Search for Spectral Irregularities due to Photon-Axionlike-Particle Oscillations with the Fermi Large Area Telescope.},
  author={Marco Ajello and Arnaud Albert and Bryon D. Anderson and Luca Baldini and Guido Barbiellini and Denis Bastieri and Ronaldo Bellazzini and Elisabetta Bissaldi and Roger D. Blandford and Elliott Daniel Bloom and Raffaella Bonino and Eugenio Bottacini and Johan Bregeon and Philippe Bruel and Rolf Buehler and Giuseppe Andrea Caliandro and Rob Cameron and Micaela Caragiulo and Patrizia A Caraveo and Claudia Cecchi and Alexandre Chekhtman and Stefano Ciprini and J Cohen Tanugi and Jacob N. Conrad and Michael Wayne Arenton and F. D'ammando and Anna De Angelis and Francesco de Palma and Rachele Desiante and Mattia Di Mauro and Leonardo Di Venere and Ariel Dom{\'i}nguez and Philip Drell and Cecilia Favuzzi and Warren Bosworth Focke and Anna Franckowiak and Yasushi Fukazawa and S. Barbara Weyauwega Funk and Piergiorgio Fusco and Fabio Gargano and Dario Gasparrini and N Icola Giglietto and Tom Glanzman and Gary Lunt Godfrey and Sylvain Guiriec and D. Robert Horan and Guðlaugur J{\'o}hannesson and Miho Katsuragawa and Shiki Kensei and Michael Kuss and Stefan da Silva Larsson and Luca Latronico and Jian Li and Lu Li and Francesco Longo and Francesco Loparco and Pasquale Lubrano and Gregorz M. Madejski and Simone Maldera and Alberto Manfreda and Melvin Mayer and Mario N Mazziotta and Manuel Meyer and P. F. Michelson and Nestor Rafael Mirabal and Tsunefumi Mizuno and Maria Elena Monzani and Aldo Morselli and Igor V Moskalenko and Simona Murgia and M. Grazia Negro and Eric Nuss and Chiaki Okada and E. Orlando and Jonathan F. Ormes and David Paneque and Jeremy Shane Perkins and M Pesce Rollins and Fr'ed'eric Piron and Giorgio Pivato and Troy A. Porter and Silvia Rain{\`o} and Riccardo Rando and Massimiliano Razzano and Anita Reimer and Miguel Sanchez-conde and Carmelo Sgr{\`o} and Dalmasso Simone and Eric J Siskind and Francesca Spada and Jaganathan Ranganathan and Paolo Spinelli and Hiromi Takahashi and Jana B. Thayer and Diego Amadeu Furtado Torres and Gino Tosti and Eleonora Troja and Yasunobu Uchiyama and Kathleen S Wood and Matthew Lawton Wood and Gabrijela Zaharija{\vs} and Stephan Zimmer},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={116 16},
We report on the search for spectral irregularities induced by oscillations between photons and axionlike-particles (ALPs) in the γ-ray spectrum of NGC 1275, the central galaxy of the Perseus cluster. Using 6 years of Fermi Large Area Telescope data, we find no evidence for ALPs and exclude couplings above 5×10^{-12}  GeV^{-1} for ALP masses 0.5≲m_{a}≲5  neV at 95% confidence. The limits are competitive with the sensitivity of planned laboratory experiments, and, together with other bounds… CONTINUE READING


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