Search for Lorentz and CPT violation effects in Muon spin precession.

  title={Search for Lorentz and CPT violation effects in Muon spin precession.},
  author={G. Bennett and B. Bousquet and H. Brown and G. Bunce and R. Carey and P. Cushman and G. Danby and P. Debevec and M. Deile and H. Deng and W. Deninger and S. Dhawan and V. Druzhinin and L. Duong and E. Efstathiadis and F. Farley and G. Fedotovich and S. Giron and F. Gray and D. Grigoriev and M. Grosse-Perdekamp and A. Grossmann and M. Hare and D. Hertzog and X. Huang and V. Hughes and M. Iwasaki and K. Jungmann and D. Kawall and M. Kawamura and B. Khazin and J. Kindem and F. Krienen and I. Kronkvist and A. Lam and R. Larsen and Y. Lee and I. Logashenko and R. McNabb and W. Meng and J. Mi and J. Miller and Y. Mizumachi and W. Morse and D. Nikas and C. Onderwater and Y. Orlov and C. Ozben and J. Paley and Q. Peng and C. Polly and J. Pretz and R. Prigl and G. zu Putlitz and T. Qian and S. Redin and O. Rind and B. Roberts and N. Ryskulov and S. Sedykh and Y. Semertzidis and P. Shagin and Y. Shatunov and E. Sichtermann and E. Solodov and M. Sossong and A. Steinmetz and L. Sulak and C. Timmermans and A. Trofimov and D. Urner and P. von Walter and D. Warburton and D. Winn and A. Yamamoto and D. Zimmerman},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={100 9},
The spin precession frequency of muons stored in the (g-2) storage ring has been analyzed for evidence of Lorentz and CPT violation. Two Lorentz and CPT violation signatures were searched for a nonzero delta omega a(=omega a mu+ - omega a mu-) and a sidereal variation of omega a mu+/-). No significant effect is found, and the following limits on the standard-model extension parameters are obtained: bZ = -(1.0+/-1.1) x 10(-23) GeV; (m mu dZ0 + HXY)=(1.8+/-6.0) x 10(-23) GeV; and the 95… Expand

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