Search for Charged Current Coherent Pion Production on Carbon in a Few-GeV Neutrino Beam

  title={Search for Charged Current Coherent Pion Production on Carbon in a Few-GeV Neutrino Beam},
  author={SciBooNE Collaboration K. Hiraide and et al.},
  journal={Physical Review D},
The SciBooNE Collaboration has performed a search for charged current coherent pion production from muon neutrinos scattering on carbon, nu{sub {mu}}{sup 12}C- {yields} {mu}{sup 12}Cpi{sup +}, with two distinct data samples. No evidence for coherent pion production is observed. We set 90% confidence level upper limits on the cross section ratio of charged current coherent pion production to the total charged current cross section at 0.67 x 10{sup -2} at mean neutrino energy 1.1 GeV and 1.36 x… 

Measurement of Neutral Current Neutral Pion Production on Carbon in a Few-GeV Neutrino Beam

The SciBooNE Collaboration has measured neutral current neutral pion production by the muon neutrino beam at a polystyrene target (C8H8). We obtained (7.7+- 0.5(stat.)+0.4-0.5 (sys.)) x 10^-2 as

Partially conserved axial vector current and coherent pion production by low energy neutrinos

Coherent {pi}{sup +} and {pi} deg. production in low energy neutrino reactions is discussed in the framework of the partially conserved axial vector current theory . The role of lepton mass effects

Measurement of Coherent π^{+} Production in Low Energy Neutrino-Carbon Scattering.

We report the first measurement of the flux-averaged cross section for charged current coherent π^{+} production on carbon for neutrino energies less than 1.5 GeV, and with a restriction on the final

Evidence of Coherent K^{+} Meson Production in Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering.

This work finds the first experimental evidence for the neutrino-induced charged-current coherent kaon production by using the kinematics of the final state particles to reconstruct the small momentum transfer to the nucleus, which is a model-independent characteristic of coherent scattering.

Measurement of coherent production of π(±) in neutrino and antineutrino beams on carbon from Eν of 1.5 to 20 GeV.

By selecting low |t| events, a model-independent measurement of the differential cross section for coherent scattering of neutrinos and antineutrinos on carbon is produced and poor agreement with the predicted kinematics in neutrino generators used by current oscillation experiments is found.

Measurement of beam-correlated background neutrons from the Fermilab Booster Neutrino Beam in ANNIE Phase-I

The Accelerator Neutrino Neutron Interaction Experiment (ANNIE) aims to make a unique measurement of neutron yield from neutrino-nucleus interactions and to perform R&D for the next generation of

Coherent Neutrinoproduction of Photons and Pions in a Chiral Effective Field Theory for Nuclei

We study the incoherent neutrinoproduction of photons and pions with neutrino energy E_{\nu} $\leqslant$ 0.5 GeV. These processes are relevant to the background analysis in neutrino-oscillation

Measurement of the electron neutrino charged-current inclusive cross-section on carbon using the T2K near detector

T2K is a long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment which uses a beam of muon neutrinos to study muon neutrino disappearance and electron neutrino appearance. The measurement of ν e appearance is



Search for coherent charged pion production in neutrino-carbon interactions.

No evidence for coherent pion production is observed, and an upper limit of is set on the cross section ratio of coherent pions production to the total charged-current interaction at 90% confidence level, which is the first experimental limit for coherent charged pionProduction in the energy region of a few GeV.

Charged-current exclusive pion production in neutrino-deuterium interactions.

  • KitagakiYuta Sato
  • Physics
    Physical review. D, Particles and fields
  • 1986
High-statistics data from two exposures of the BNL 7-foot deuterium bubble chamber to a wide-band-neutrino beam with an average energy of 1.6 GeV were analyzed for exclusive pion production in charged-current neutrino-deuterium interactions to present new results for single-pion and multipion production.

Neutral current coherent pion production

We investigate the neutrino induced coherent pion production reaction at low and intermediate energies. The model includes pion, nucleon, and $\ensuremath{\Delta}(1232)$ as the relevant hadronic

Coherent pion production by neutrino scattering off nuclei

The main part of coherent pion production by neutrinos on nuclei is essentially determined by partial conservation of the axial current (PCAC), provided that the leptonic momentum transferred square

Pion Production by Protons on a Thin Beryllium Target at 6.4, 12.3, and 17.5 GeV/c Incident Proton Momenta

An analysis of inclusive pion production in proton-beryllium collisions at 6.4, 12.3, and 17.5 GeV/c proton beam momentum has been performed. The data were taken by Experiment 910 at the Alternating

Measurement of the quasielastic axial vector mass in neutrino interactions on oxygen

The weak nucleon axial-vector form factor for quasielastic interactions is determined using neutrino interaction data from the K2K Scintillating Fiber detector in the neutrino beam at KEK. More than

Measurement of the production cross-section of positive pions in the collision of 8.9 GeV/c protons on beryllium

The double-differential production cross-section of positive pions, $d^2\sigma^{\pi^{+}}/d pd\Omega$, measured in the HARP experiment is presented. The incident particles are 8.9 GeV/c protons

Coherent single pion production by antineutrino charged current interactions and test of PCAC

AbstractThe cross section for coherent production of a single π− meson in charged current antineutrino interactions on neon nuclei has been measured in BEBC to be (175±25) 10−40 cm2/neon nucleus,