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Search for Axionlike and Scalar Particles with the NA64 Experiment

  title={Search for Axionlike and Scalar Particles with the NA64 Experiment},
  author={Debapriya Banerjee and Johannes Bernhard and V. E. Burtsev and Alexandr G. Chumakov and David R. Cooke and Paolo Crivelli and E. Depero and A. V. Dermenev and S. V. Donskov and R. R. Dusaev and T. Enik and Nikolaos Charitonidis and A.Feshchenko and Vladimir N. Frolov and A.Gardikiotis and S. G. Gerassimov and Sergei Gninenko and M. Hosgen and M. Jeckel and Vassili Kachanov and Anton Karneyeu and George Kekelidze and Bernhard Franz Ketzer and D.V.Kirpichnikov and Mykhailo Kirsanov and V. N. Kolosov and Igor Konorov and Sergey G. Kovalenko and V. A. Kramarenko and Leonid Kravchuk and Nikolai V. Krasnikov and Sergey V. Kuleshov and Valery E. Lyubovitskij and V.Lysan and V. A. Matveev and Yu. V. Mikhailov and L. Molina Bueno and D. V. Peshekhonov and Vladimir Polyakov and B Radics and R. Rojas and Andr{\'e} Rubbia and V. D. Samoylenko and Helmut Sieber and D. Shchukin and V.O.Tikhomirov and I. Tlisova and D. A. Tlisov and Alexander Toropin and A Yu Trifonov and B. I. Vasilishin and Gerardo Alexis Vasquez Arenas and P. V. Volkov and V. Yu. Volkov and P. Ulloa},
  • Debapriya Banerjee, Johannes Bernhard, +52 authors P. Ulloa
  • Published 2020
  • Physics
  • We carried out a model-independent search for light scalar (s) and pseudoscalar axionlike (a) particles that couple to two photons by using the high-energy CERN SPS H4 electron beam. The new particles, if they exist, could be produced through the Primakoff effect in interactions of hard bremsstrahlung photons generated by 100 GeV electrons in the NA64 active dump with virtual photons provided by the nuclei of the dump. The a(s) would penetrate the downstream HCAL module, serving as shielding… CONTINUE READING