Search for ψ(2S)→ηcπ+π-π0

  title={Search for ψ(2S)→ηcπ+π-π0},
  author={Tk K. Pedlar and Daniel Cronin-Hennessy and Kyle Yingkai Gao and Dian Ting Gong and Juhana Hietala and Yoshihiro Kubota and Thomas Β. Klein and Brian W. Lang and R. S. Poling and Aldon Wayne Scott and Andrew Wyatt Smith and Peter Zweber and S. P. Dobbs and Z. V. Metreveli and Kamal Kishore Seth and Amiran Tomaradze and J O Schrama Ernst and Horst Severini and Steven A. Dytman and W. Love and Vladimir Savinov and O. Aquines and Zhongyang Li and Angel Lopez and Sh.A. Mehrabyan and H. Fern{\'a}ndez M{\'e}ndez and J. Esmitt Ram{\'i}rez and Gavin S Huang and David Harry Miller and Victor Evgenjevich Pavlunin and Batbold Sanghi and I. P. J. Shipsey and Bo Xin and Gary Steven Adams and Morris G. Anderson and Jonathan P. Cummings and Istvan Danko and James Napolitano and Qingyu He and Jonathan Insler and Hiroyuki Muramatsu and C.-H. Park and Edward H. Thorndike and Fang-Qin Yang and Thomas E. Coan and You Shan Gao and Fu Kun Liu and Marina Artuso and Steve Blusk and Julian Butt and Jin Li and Nabil Menaa and Rachel Mountain and Shafaq Nisar and Koloina A. Randrianarivony and Radia Redjimi and Radia Sia and T. Skwarnicki and Shannon Stone and J. C. T. Wang and Kehao Zhang and Steven E. Csorna and Giovanni Bonvicini and David Cinabro and M Iu Dubrovin and Andy Lincoln and David Mark Asner and Kasper Edwards and Roy Anthony Briere and I. C. Brock and Jiangchuan Chen and Timothy Ferguson and Grigor Tatishvili and Henryk Vogel and Mark E. Watkins and Jonathan L. Rosner and Nadia Erin Adam and James Pellegrino Alexander and Karl Berkelman and David G. Cassel and Jean E. Duboscq and Karl Matthew Ecklund and Robert Ehrlich and Lori L Fields and Richard Stephen Galik and Lynda Gibbons and Richelle Gray and Stacy W. Gray and Donald Leroy Hartill and Brian Keith Heltsley and David Hertz and Christopher D. Jones and J. Kandaswamy and David Louis Kreinick and Valentin E. Kuznetsov and Hanna Mahlke-Krueger and P. U. E. Onyisi and James. Patterson and Daymon Peterson and James Pivarski and Dean N. Riley and Anders Ryd and Ahren Joel Sadoff and Hubert Schwarthoff and Xiaoyu Shi and Steve Stroiney and Werner Man-Li Sun and Tim Wilksen and Moran Weinberger and Sheila Brasileiro Aben Athar and Ruchik Patel and V. Potlia and John M. Yelton and Pc. Rubin and C. Cawlfield and Bruce Eisenstein and Inga Karliner Inga Karliner and D Y Kim and Nicola Lowrey and Prasad Anant Naik and Christopher Sedlack and Mats Anton Selen and Elmer J. White and James E Wiss and Micah R. Shepherd and Dominique. besson},

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