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Search and Rescue using Swarm Robots Complex Systems Seminar

  title={Search and Rescue using Swarm Robots Complex Systems Seminar},
  author={M. Rahmani},
Nowadays mobile robots are being used in various fields of academic research as well as real applications. Semiautonomous space exploration and underwater exploration are two applications of mobile robots. They are also being used in rescue process e.g. in semi-destroyed buildings after a disaster that is unsafe for human to enter and try to find and rescue victims. These robots should be highly robust and flexible. Two main approaches to construct this kind of systems are collective robotics… 

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Collection of accepted papers to DARS
  • Collection of accepted papers to DARS
  • 2000
Distributed Autonomous Robotic Systems 4. Springer Verlag, Berlin, Germany. Collection of accepted papers to DARS
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