Search Strategies for Automatic Web Service Composition


We investigate architectural properties required for supporting automatic service composition. First, composable service architecture will be described, based on modeling Web services as abstract machines supported by formally defined composition operators. Based on the proposed infrastructure we give several options for achieving automatic service composition by treating it as a search problem. Namely, basic heuristic, probabilistic, learning-based, decomposition and bidirectional automatic composition mechanisms will be presented and compared. Finally, we discuss the impact and outlook for automatic composition.

DOI: 10.4018/jwsr.2006040101

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@article{Milanovic2006SearchSF, title={Search Strategies for Automatic Web Service Composition}, author={Nikola Milanovic and Miroslaw Malek}, journal={Int. J. Web Service Res.}, year={2006}, volume={3}, pages={1-32} }