Search + Seizure: The Effectiveness of Interventions on SEO Campaigns

  title={Search + Seizure: The Effectiveness of Interventions on SEO Campaigns},
  author={David Y. Wang and Matthew F. Der and Mohammad Karami and Lawrence K. Saul and Damon McCoy and Stefan Savage and Geoffrey M. Voelker},
  booktitle={Internet Measurement Conference},
Black hat search engine optimization (SEO), the practice of abusively manipulating search results, is an enticing method to acquire targeted user traffic. In turn, a range of interventions--from modifying search results to seizing domains--are used to combat this activity. In this paper, we examine the effectiveness of these interventions in the context of an understudied market niche, counterfeit luxury goods. Using eight months of empirical crawled data, we identify 52 distinct SEO campaigns… CONTINUE READING
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