Seamless Handoff Solution For Nested Mobile Networks


Ensuring seamless mobility for users is becoming one of the main objectives of ongoing research activities in the field of data telecommunications. More over, if some proposals are efficient in reducing handoff latency for single mobile hosts, adequate solutions are still required for moving networks. The NEtwork MObility protocol (NEMO), designed to provide network mobility, is not efficient to offer low latency handoff in the case of nested mobile networks because it uses fairly sub-optimal routing. In this paper, an optimized solution to reduce handoff latency for Nested Mobile Networks is proposed. This solution minimizes the registration delay component of the overall handoff latency. The paper describes the new architecture and mechanisms and provides simulation results indicating performance compared to the basic NEMO solution.

DOI: 10.4304/jnw.1.4.21-28

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@article{Sabeur2006SeamlessHS, title={Seamless Handoff Solution For Nested Mobile Networks}, author={Mehdi Sabeur and Badii Jouaber and Djamal Zeghlache}, journal={JNW}, year={2006}, volume={1}, pages={21-28} }