Sea ice identification using dual-polarized Ku-band scatterometer data

  title={Sea ice identification using dual-polarized Ku-band scatterometer data},
  author={Simon H. Yueh and Ronald Kwok and Shu-Hsiang Lou and Wu-Yang Tsai},
  journal={IEEE Trans. Geoscience and Remote Sensing},
1]] tl]is paper , wc clcscribc tbc potcniial o f u s ing <Iual-polarizm] scattcro]netcr rctur]]s from tlic polar occa]]s to iclcntify the cdgw of tbc icc cover. ‘1’bis icc c&c coulcl bc used to co]nputc tllc icc extent which is dcfiIIcd as that area cIIcloscd by tl]c out,cr boundary of tbc ice! pack. ‘]’hc trends in the maxima and ]ninima of tbc annual icc cxtcmts of the Arctic and A]]tarctic sca icc covers bavc been suggested as uscfu] i]]dic.ators of climatic cballgcs. Fhrlier studies of icc… CONTINUE READING
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