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Sea cucumbers. A global review of fisheries and trade

  title={Sea cucumbers. A global review of fisheries and trade},
  author={Ver{\'o}nica Toral-Granda and Alessandro Lovatelli and Marcelo Vasconcellos and Chantal Conand and Jean‐François Hamel and Annie Mercier and Steven W. Purcell and Sven Uthicke},
Sea cucumber fishing is not a traditional activity; however, a large number of coastal communities have developed a strong dependency on it as an alternative source of income. This paper reviews the worldwide population status, fishery, trade and management of sea cucumbers five regions, covering known sea cucumber fishing grounds: temperate areas of the Northern Hemisphere; Latin America and the Caribbean; Africa and the Indian Ocean; Asia; and the Western Central Pacific. Together, the case… 

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The present document reviews the population status, fishery and trade of sea cucumbers worldwide through the collation and analysis of the available information from five regions, covering known sea

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Summary Sea cucumbers play a critical role in maintaining healthy marine ecosystems. Sea cucumbers are also a key source of income for millions of small-scale fishers worldwide. The lucrative nature

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Collecting sea cucumbers to supply the high value Chinese dried seafood market is a livelihood activity available to many people in the Western Indian Ocean (WIO), making it an important part of

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Pandemic overfishing to critical levels threatens the existence of sea cucumber fisheries and the important role they play in the livelihoods of coastal fishers (Toral-Granda et al. 2008). Sea

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The sea cucumber fishery has been providing an important means of livelihood to the coastal fishing communities in Sri Lanka for centuries. Stock status, level of exploitation and mortality

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Small-scale fisheries supplying tropical sea cucumbers to Asian markets frequently overharvest stocks, incurring unknown loss of economic value. An indication of such value loss can provide economic

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Sea cumber is one of the valuable high economic resources. Worldwide, most sea cucumber fisheries are ineffectively managed, leading to declining stocks and potentially eroding the resilience of

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Several sea cucumber species (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea) are fished, mostly for export of the dried product for Oriental consumers. Previous studies had analysed the historical trends at the

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Commercial species of shallow-water, tropical, aspidochirotid sea cucumbers (beche-de-mer) in the Indo-West Pacific, many of them, at maturity, large and conspicuous benthic members of coral reef or